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Work Over Rig 350 HP COPPER-10

November 22nd, 2011

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Rigs Summary

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350 HP Self-Propelled Double Drums complete with Hydraulic Cylinder type for make up and break out Tong, c/w working Torque gauge Chronomatic, Hydromatic Brake and six bolt clamp type dead line anchor.


96 ft height w/185.000 lbs static hook load capacity on 4 lines or 200,000 lbs on 6 lines, , hydraulically raised up and telescoping. Adequate height to allow a mouse hole connection with all components of the drill string in place and at least 2 feet of clear height in crown. It can accommodate monkey board when working using WPF. Able to accommodate Class III BOP Stack (as per BOP Stack requirement).

More information available from technical specification document.

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